UNSW Lecture Recordings Process using Echo360

Support for lecturers

This page contains links to instructions for the key steps in the UNSW Lecture Recordings using Echo360 process.

For information on the transition project, please visit the UNSW Lecture Recordings Transition Project 2013-2014.

If you wish to opt out of recordings, see the link at Step 2.
Step 1

Orientation to UNSW Lecture Recordings

Start by reviewing the information in this section of the UNSW Lecture Recordings support site.  Read about system requirements and an introduction to the interface.

Why Echo?

Orientation to Echo360

UNSW Lecture Recordings enabled venues

Lecture Recordings FAQ

Copyright Guidelines

Privacy Guidelines

Step 2

Before the lecture

Verify that your computer will work with UNSW Lecture Recordings

Opt out of lecture recordings

Make recordings available on your Moodle or Blackboard Learn course page (Instructions for the new plugin to link lecture recordings available in S2 2014 will be available shortly.)

Step 3

During the lecture

Read this section to learn how to:

  • choose the video source being recorded
  • mute the audio during recording
Step 4

After the lecture

Read this section to learn how to: