Academic Advising: A critical element in student success

Presented by Leonie Ligertwood and Fiona Reid from Student Life and Learning

Academic Advising:  A critical element in student success

The literature clearly articulates that academic advising contributes significantly to student experience, motivation, involvement, retention and success (Young-Jones et al, 2013, Allen et al, 2014, Darling, 2015, Tuttle, 2000).

At UNSW both Academic and Professional staff are involved in the role of academic advising though structure, level, roles and responsibilities for each of these staff varies by faculty. In 2016 the Educational Support Service conducted an extensive stakeholder consultation related to academic advising at UNSW.  All faculties and schools contributed to the review (31 submissions in all) and these, combined with the student survey, provided valuable input into this process. 

This workshop will explore the UNSW context of academic advising, provide feedback on the stakeholder consultation and outline future directions for the development of a quality academic advising framework. The workshop is open to all, however academic advisors who are interested in getting involved in developing the future of academic advising at UNSW are particularly encouraged to attend as information related to current opportunities will be presented at the workshop.

20th Feb 2017, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Room 1025, Level 10, Library (stage 2) near the IT service centre

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff


Louise Templeton