22nd Nov 2016, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Assessing the Impact of Different Blended Learning Resources on Student Achievement and Course Experience

Facilitated by A/Prof Branka Spehar, Director of Undergraduate Programs, School of Psychology

One of the critical issues in blended learning is the extent to which such instructional designs deliver effective learning outcomes. The focus of this presentation is a fine grained analysis of the blended learning approach used to create a new first-year Psychology course, developed to improve student understanding of key characteristic of scientific research methodology and data analysis. In addition to the quantitative indices of level of engagement with different blended learning resources, we also measured students' experience, satisfaction and perceived effectiveness of these resources. Our detailed quantitative analyses not only confirm the significant contribution of the newly developed blended materials to the substantially improved course outcomes, but also allow us to identify blended learning materials and activities which are the most successful predictors and contributors of both course experience and academic success.
Spehar_Branka.jpgA/Prof Branka Spehar is the Director of Undergraduate Programs at the School of Psychology and she has taught large and small courses at all levels of undergraduate programs in Psychology. In 2007, she was a member of the team awarded the Carrick Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning. The primary research focus of Branka's laboratory is vision: how context affects our perception, how local information is integrated into a more global percept, and how aesthetic preference is related to the underlying neural processing of visual images. She is also interested in the neural mechanisms underlying these processes (fMRI, EEG) as well as how they develop in infants and children. Her areas of interest in learning and teaching include learning analytics and transition to university.



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