Assessment Driving the Learning, Technology Supporting the Process

Presented by Professor Bob Fox, Learning and Teaching Unit

Assessment Driving the Learning, Technology Supporting the Process

This seminar examines the teaching approach and the design model used to enrich student learning experiences and ensure active and reflective student engagement across an entire course. This will be of interest to lecturers who would like to improve student engagement through innovation in assessment, particularly utilising an eportfolio-based approach.
The presentation reviews twenty years of teaching courses for practising teachers, where weekly assignment tasks drive the learning and where students demonstrate their understandings and learning in the form of an eportfolio. Active student engagement from the first to the final week, leading to the final assessment task is the foundation to the design model for these courses. At the same time, technology supports the learning and evidences the student work. The technology also enables evidencing improvements student make to their work, based on ongoing feedback they receive from teachers and fellow students. While the technologies have changed over the twenty years, the pedagogy model adopted has remained the same, focusing on students improving their work based on feedback received on set weekly tasks, leading to the development of a capstone assignment that builds on the culmination of the weekly tasks.
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10th Sep 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Library Room 208

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