Blended Learning Teaching Technology Toolkit

Presented by Dr. Nalini Pather, School of Medical Sciences

Blended Learning Teaching Technology Toolkit

This presentation showcases the teaching technology toolkit and its usefulness to staff in integrating edtech into teaching practice.  The toolkit is a website designed on the blended learning practice in the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW, and includes a:

  • decision tree tool (‘Select a Tool’): a step-by-step guide that assists the user in selecting education technology that is aligned with the desired learning strategy or outcome
  • ‘tool directory’: a repository of educational tools that includes an overview of functionality, pros and cons of use, best practice guidelines, and a showcase of its use in facilitating learning
  • exemplars: these are academics who showcase the integration of the selected educational technologies in their teaching practice

Throughout the toolkit site, educational tools are categorised by functionality as well as by the learning strategies they support.  The toolkit can be accessed at:

16th Mar 2016, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Room 1025, Level 10, Library, Stage 2

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff



Christina Kingen