30th Jun 2016, 6:50pm

Central challenges in transforming assessment at departmental and institutional level

Presented by Professor Sue Bloxham, University of Cumbria

This special webinar is a live stream from the floor of the Assessment in Higher Education conference secretariat seminar day on 30 June 2016 in Manchester UK.  Please note, the start time for the live stream is different from that of our normal webinars! (See links)

This will be followed up with a panel review session on 13 July featuring three speakers from the day chaired by Sally Jordan, Open University UK:
* Sally Brown (Leeds Beckett University) & Kay Sambell (Northumbria University): 'Changing practice on feedback at an institutional level'
*Amanda Sykes (University of Glasgow) & David Morrison (Plymouth University): 'Half as Much but Twice as Good: Constructing Effective Written Feedback in Any Subject'
* Juliet Williams (University of Winchester): 'Changing colours: what happens when you make enhancement an imperative?'

Further information and register for:
The live stream on 30 June: http://ta.vu/30jun2016
The panel session on 13 July: http://ta.vu/13jul2016

Event Details
Public Event open to all
10000 Seats available


Live Stream  http://ta.vu/30jun2016

Key Contact
Christina Kingen