Connections: Cognition, emotion and reflection for learning in higher education

Presented by Dr. Marina Harvey (Macquarie University), A/Prof Chris Baumann (Macquarie University), and Dr. Vanessa Fredericks (Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW)

Connections: Cognition, emotion and reflection for learning in higher education

Reflection for learning is an embedded pedagogical practice across many subjects and many higher education institutions. Both the practice and documentation of reflection for learning has traditionally maintained a cognitive focus, as exemplified through a reliance on text-based journaling. Historically, this can be explained by the impact on the field of education by the seminal work of Bloom and colleagues (1956) on the cognitive domain. In turn, existing taxonomies of reflection have also focused on the cognitive domain.

Coding of student reflective texts (n=760) from four sites (Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong and South Korea) presented a conundrum as student engagement with reflective practice was not constrained to a cognitive process only. Evidence of the engagement of the affective domain was apparent and could not be ignored. It was necessary to delve into the history of emotion and revisit the companion handbook, to Bloom’s first volume, which focused on the affective domain (Krathwohl, Bloom & Masia, 1964). With recognition of the role of emotion in reflection for learning, the taxonomy developed by Krathwohl, Bloom and Masia provided a foundation for developing and empirically testing a new dual-coding ‘emo-cog’ taxonomy. The ‘emo-cog’ taxonomy is introduced together with a discussion of its application for analysing the relative contribution of cognition and of emotion to student reflection for learning.


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Dr Marina Harvey is an OLT National Teaching Fellow, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and 2015 OLT Citation awardee for outstanding contributions to student learning. Her Participatory Action Research into Reflection for Learning, Sessional Staff Standards (, Distributed Leadership ( and Assessment is underpinned by reflective and mindful practice.

A/ Prof Chris Baumann is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, and Visiting Professor at Seoul National University (SNU) in Korea. His research is on the 3 C: Competitiveness, Confucianism and Customer loyalty. He has been awarded for his research and teaching, including from the Australian government for enthusiastic approach to education. Baumann introduced groundbreaking concepts: Competitive Productivity (CP), Latecomer Brand, Premium Generic Brand (PGB), Brand Health Index (BHI) and the ‘country of origin of service staff (COSS)’ effect. He has a long-standing relationship with Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada, as MBA Alumni and research collaborator.

Dr Vanessa Fredericks is an Educational Developer in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW. Her research interests include quality learning and teaching with sessional staff, and the role of emotion and embodiment in learning and reflective practice.


12th Apr 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Room 1025, Level 10, Library, stage 2

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff



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