9th May 2016, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Connections Seminar: Improving the quality of teaching in the workplace: how BLAST could help busy health professionals supervising students

Presented by Dr Joel Rhee, School of Public Health and Community Medicine and Dr Kirsten Challinor, School of Optometry and Vision Science

BLAST (Blended Learning Approach to Supervisor Training) is a project with the goal of improving student learning within the professional placement setting through improved quality of clinical supervisor training. As part of the project we developed a range of blended learning resources for use in training of health professionals that provide workplace supervision of UNSW students. This was informed by a scholarly approach, which included a review of the literature and pilots where the various modules were deployed and evaluated on a group of clinical supervisors. We will present and discuss important lessons that we learnt through this process. There is potential for adaptation and widespread implementation of these modules for use in a wide variety of health professionals disciplines and care settings.

Dr Joel Rhee is a Senior Lecturer at School of Public Health and Community Medicine. He is the convenor of Primary Care (GP) course and co-convenor of Phase 3 of UNSW Medicine Program. He has led the development of blended learning resources designed to improve the teaching and supervisory skills of health professionals that supervise UNSW students.

Dr Kirsten Challinor (PhD in Vision Science, Psychology) holds experience improving the teaching and learning of Evidence-based Optometry Practice across Australasian Optometry and Vision Science Schools. She has been active in development of blended learning resources designed to improve the teaching and supervisory skills of UNSW Medicine supervisors. Dr Challinor is a lecturer in the School of Optometry & Vision Science at UNSW who teaches visual perception, psychology, statistics, and research methods. She researches how humans perceive motion by considering how the brain processes the information it receives from the eye.


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UNSW Library, Room 208

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Christina Kingen