2nd Feb 2016, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Deploying a Dashboard for MOOCS

Facilitated by Lisa Zhang (Learning and Teaching Unit, UNSW)

Despite the promise of Massive and Open Online Courses being educational treasure chests, data wrangling of MOOC data, no matter which platform is used, is still one of the most time-consuming and complex steps of the analytics workflow. In this session we present the processes and methods we developed to prepare and analyze the interactions with the Coursera MOOC platform and develop a reusable dashboard focusing on learning and teaching. Considering the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, we document how we moved from an ad-hoc to an established process with a set of high-level sustainable and accessible data outputs. This fills a gap to enable exploratory visual analysis, and most importantly makes data consumable for all – allowing to ask questions about course design as well as evaluating the effectiveness of MOOCs.

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Staff & Students Only Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
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Room 1025, Level 10, Library Tower

Key Contact
Lorenzo Vigentini