21st Jun 2016, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Different sides of MOOCs: Comparing perceptions of experience across platforms

Facilitated by Catherine Zhao and Dr Lorenzo Vigentini, Learning and Teaching Unit, UNSW

This session will be a bit different from a usual LA-EDS seminar. Catherine and Lorenzo recently presented a ‘flipped paper’ at the Learning @ Scale conference held at The Unviersity of Edinburugh. As part of the submission, together with the paper, they developed an online mini-mooc on EdX edge, accessible here
The focus of the paper was on the evaluation of the ‘student’ experience in MOOCs. Whilst most research on MOOCs makes inferences about the experience of learners from their interaction with the platform, few considered the rich feedback provided by learners. This paper presents the application of a conceptual model of student experience borrowed from higher education. Its relevance in the context of MOOCs was tested by using a range of questions and presentation methods in four MOOCs selected for their specific features. With varying response rates, results from over 8900 participants show how universities might view and evaluate the experience in MOOCs compared with that in traditional courses.
The session will be in two parts: the first part focuses on the experience of learners in MOOCs, considering the comparison across the Coursera and FutureLearn platforms. In the second part, a number of questions will be raised about how far can we push the MOOCs concept for different uses, based on the experience of the Learning @ Scale conference.
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Catherine is an Educational Developer with focus on evaluation in Higher Education. Her position challenges her to bring the analytical work developed in the Learning Analytics and Data Analysis team to the institutional research required to inform key strategic initiatives at UNSW and in particular those relevant to the enhancement of the student experience.
lorenzo.vigentini.jpgLorenzo's is the coordinator of the Learning Analytics and Data Analysis team in the PVC(Education portfolio). Although his background is in Psychology he has extensive experience in Learning and Teaching and Academic Development in the Higher Education sector. His technical expertise (IT, e-learning, web technologies and data science) and his work focusing on learning processes at the crossing between cognitive psychology, differential psychology, education and human-computer interaction, provided a unique perspective that underpins the many projects he has led in recent years.

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If you would like to join this research group or would like more information please contact Lorenzo Vigentini l.vigentini@unsw.edu.au


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