31st Oct 2017, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Digital Learning Day

Information Sessions

Join us for the Digital Learning Day to learn about some of the technologies available to enhance learning and teaching.

Information sessions on the following technologies will be presented: 

  • MediaUCreate
  • Moodle
  • Active Learning Spaces  
  • LR+ (tbc)
  • LiteRoom (tbc)
  • iCinema (tbc)
  • A game design approach to learning and teaching (includes Reading Game)
  • Smart Sparrow
  • Digital Uplift at UNSW
  • H5P in Practice

All events will be held in Rooms 104 and 105 of the Mathews Building.

Registration to follow shortly


Session Overviews:


Active Learning Spaces

10:00-11:00am, Room 105, Mathews Building

Presented by Professor Rosemary Howell and Richa Maheshwarictive, Learning Spaces

Do you want to be one of the first to experience UNSW’s latest Active Learning Spaces? These spaces are designed to facilitate different teaching and learning styles, from formal lectures to flipped, blended and small-group learning. Experience the future as you are taken on a guided tour of UNSW’s innovative ‘interactive learning space’ and hear from Professor Rosemary Howell about how technology and space designs are helping deliver better learning outcomes for her students.

A game design approach to learning and teaching

12:00-1:00pm, Room 105, Mathews Building

Presented by Robert Parker, SPHCM

Immerse yourself in serious games that demonstrate active learning strategies as an enjoyable way to learn (and teach). Epistemic games leverage the same design methods used in games played purely for fun, to engage you deeply by providing cognitive challenges to pursue. Participate in gameplay that exposes you to the power of games. Bring your laptop, pen and paper.

H5P in Practice

3:00-4:00pm, Room 104, Mathews 

Presented by Robert Parker, SPHCM                            

H5P empowers everyone to easily create, share and reuse interactive content. A brief presentation of H5P using H5P objects will be followed by a “maker” workshop. Bring your videos and powerpoints and other digital media along so you can build interactive media in your UNSW Moodle sandpits.


    Event Details
    Staff & Students Only Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
    50 Seats available


    Rooms 104 and 105, Mathews Building

    Key Contact
    Christina Kingen