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Digital Assessment Community of Practice team

The Digital Assessment Community of Practice

This CoP aims to empower students and support teachers through student-oriented education practices.

As the university systematically moves towards integrating digital and online technologies into teaching, it is essential that existing assessment practices be transformed to facilitate a seamless learning experience.

This CoP aims to identify, pilot, evaluate and record a breadth of scalable digital assessment approaches.

  • Evaluate and test approaches to summative, formative, diagnostic and integrative, assessments in the digital domain
  • Evaluate and test advances in large scale assessment and innovative approaches
  • Create exemplars from existing assets being used across the university and create others aimed at informing future digital assessment being made possible by advances in the field
This Toolkit

The Digital Assessment Toolkit is available on the Teaching Gateway and includes:

  • exemplars of digital assessment
  • decision tree for digital assessment
  • links to get started with digital assessment

The toolkit will continue to be developed and expanded throughout 2019.


For the time being, please visit the UNSW Education Focussed Central intranet to contact us.