Digital Assessment Exemplars


Gary Velan

Professor Gary Velan

Smart Sparrow Adaptive Tutorials as Summative Assessments

Since 2014, Gary Velan has been deploying Smart Sparrow adaptive tutorials as summative assessments to replace phase 1 Medicine practical examinations in histology, embryology and pathology.



Dr Silas Taylor

Dr Silas Taylor

OSPIA: An online platform for ‘student-other’ learning dyad interaction, multimodal feedback and assessment

The Online Simulated Patient interaction and Assessment (OSPIA) platform is an innovative approach to learning & assessing communication skills.

Clinical Workplace Assessment App (CWAapp) for assessing clinical skills

The CWAapp has been extensively used in Phase 1 for communication skills assessment tasks and has now been successfully employed for miniCEX tasks in the Medicine program. 

Observational Assessment App for clinical assessments

Since 2012, UNSW Medicine has been utilising the Observational Assessment Application (OAapp) to greatly assist in the management, deployment and assessment of Medicine students undertaking clinical examinations in our affiliated hospitals, all over NSW.


Dr Mario Attard

Dr Mario Attard & Dr Xiaojun ChenXiaojun Chen

Custom-Built Engineering Modules & Quizzes

Dr Mario Attard and Dr Xiaojun Chen have built together a suite of custom modules and quizzes to aid in a mixture of summative and formative student assessment in Civil and Mechanical Engineering.



JoseDr Jose Bilbao

OneNote Classroom for e-portfolio assessments

Since 2017 Jose Bilbao has been using OneNote for Classrooms in the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) course to successfully deploy individual tutorial workbooks.



Steven DavisDr Steven Davis

Collaborative Wikis in Moodle as summative assessments

Dr Steven Davis has been deploying collaborative Wikis via Moodle for his postgraduate course in Human Resources Management (CVEN9706) for Civil Engineering over a number of years giving him the chance to refine their use considerably. 



Elizabeth Angstmann

Associate Professor Elizabeth Angstmann

Quizzes using STACK for Physics

Online tests or quizzes had been used in Liz’s courses for several years allowing for constant refinement. She now runs a mixture of in-class and take-home tests in order to assess over a thousand students in first-year Physics.


Benjamin KellyBenjamin Kelly

Formative quiz in appropriate indigenous terminology

Benjamin Kelly has been using a formative quiz for the past two years in his course ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia, guiding students through a series of questions asking them to consider the appropriateness of how certain words and phrases are used in the context of Indigenous Australia.


Chi Mak

Dr Chi Mak

Assessments using Maple TA

Maple TA is an online web-based test system used by most of the first year courses and many higher year courses offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. We use Maple TA for both formative and summative assessments.