Educating generation next: Screen media use, digital competencies and tertiary education

Presented by Dr Adam Brown and Dr Toija Cinque, Deakin University

Educating generation next: Screen media use, digital competencies and tertiary education

Note: date change to Thursday 18 June

An Educational Media Virtual Seminar

A ‘virtual’ seminar will be offered once a month through Google Hangouts. This will be a mixture of invited guests from other universities both international and domestic with a focus on educational media.

The first in the series will be Dr Adam Brown and Dr Toija Cinque from Deakin University. Adam and Toija co-authored an article titled, “Educating generation next: Screen media use, digital competencies and tertiary education”, that investigated the use of screen media and digital competencies of higher education students in light of the growing focus on new media and e-learning in Australian universities. They argued that there is a need to resist the commonplace utopian and dystopian discourses surrounding new media technological innovation, and approach the issue of its potential roles and limitations in higher education settings with due care. See Biographies below.

Please join us for the first in this virtual connections series by clicking on the below at 11.00am on Thursday 18th June.

Note: You will need a Google (Gmail) account to access Google Hangouts. Please set this up ahead of time if you don’t already have one.

Adam Brown is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Head of Media Studies. His interdisciplinary research includes Holocaust representation across various genres, women in film, surveillance cinema, mediations of rape, digital children’s television, social media and animal ethics, transmedia storytelling, and board game culture. Check out this Youtube clip for an insight into the way Adam is using a variety of media to create a student centred learning environment.

Toija Cinque is also a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies and has written widely on various aspects of internet use and her most recent book is the co-authored work Communication, New Media and Everyday Life (2012) by Oxford University Press. Her main research interest lies in extending the limits of conventional media studies; exploring the intersections between social media, legacy media and communications with other studies in history, celebrity, statistics, privacy and surveillance, public policy, media law and economics.

18th Jun 2015, 11:00am to 12:00pm

Online, Google Hangouts

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff



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