Eportfolio Webinar Series 2015

Effective skills in teaching reflective practice for Eportfolio through the Johari window
Eportfolio Webinar Series 2015
You are invited to join this Free Webinar which will look at  ' Effective skills in teaching reflective practice for Eportfolio through the Johari window'.
Following the success of the first five webinars, 
1.ePortfolio practice and enhanced learning for Australian Tertiary Students, 
2.Strengthening IT assisted teaching and learning for staff using ePortfolio with Australian tertiary students 
3.Planning for using ePortfolio in a discrete unit of study: exploring assessment and evidence. 
4.Approaches to embedding ePortfolio across a course of study.
5.(CSU ONLY) Basics of Pebblepad and a bit more…
The final webinar in the series will look at the skills implemented in teaching reflective practice for student created ePortfolio. In particular, we will explore the concept of the Johari window in regards to students’ understanding of their learning and answer:
What I know, 
What I don’t know, 
What I know I don’t know and 
What I don’t know I don’t know.
This final webinar (in a series of professional development for Australian tertiary staff) focuses on the planning and designing of reflective ePortfolio tasks for robust reflection by students on their learning and practice. It explores issues such as considering the connections between the experiences and skills learnt; the bridge from theory to practice; the role of evidence in building on current learning.  The webinar will explore the Johari Window as an approach to encourage good reflective practice in students. The discussion will be supported by examples to assist in describing what you require staff and students to manage in their ePortfolio process and product implementation.
This FREE Webinar is designed to support the on-going professional learning of Australian tertiary teachers who are using the ePortfolio in their teaching practice and for those starting to think about using ePortfolios. Experienced educators will share their knowledge of successes and challenges of encouraging students to use the personal learning space that is a Portfolio for growth and development as a learner and a professional.
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30th Nov 2015, 2:30pm to 2:30pm

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Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff