24th Nov 2015, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Evaluating the student experience in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): methods, problems and insights

Presented by Catherine Zhao and Dr Lorenzo Vigentini (Learning and Teaching Unit, UNSW)

Higher education institutions commonly use surveys to evaluate the students’ experiences of learning and teaching on the aspects of engagement, satisfaction and services through surveys, which adopt metrics/indicators developed based on typical campus-based courses.

Recently, many institutions have moved towards blended or online delivery of courses; one of the fully online options is MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Offered globally and for free, MOOCs attract participants who are not traditional university students. Furthermore, the pedagogical design and implementation are often limited by the platform used. Given the reach and heterogeneity of participants, it is important to understand participants’ experiences of learning in MOOCs and the differences to what one would expect in the mainstream. This raises the questions of how to characterise this learning experience and how to relate to mainstream courses as well as the quality of learning and teaching. At the authors’ institution, surveys are deployed to platforms of three different MOOCs, with hope to address these questions.

This session will review the evaluation of four different MOOCs, and will try to portray the nature of student experience in these courses. It will also discuss proposed survey questions, which integrate emerging metrics developed in recent MOOCs-related studies.  Questions will be asked about the value of traditional metrics and paradigms in characterising the student experience and will also consider the mediation of students’ motivation and engagement patterns with the online platform.

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Mathews Building, Room 308.

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Lorenzo Vigentini