26th May 2016, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

A Great Debate: Of course you can measure good teaching! (It's a 5.3)

Panellists include Professor Merlin Crossley (DVC Education) and Professor Eileen Baldry (Criminology and Academic Chair, UNSW Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board)

So, can we measure excellent teaching? Or is focusing on measurement missing the point?  We hope that this will be a stimulating, controversial and, above all, fun debate for the whole university community.

Our recently released 2025 Strategy declares UNSW as an institution that is both teaching intensive and research intensive, achieving excellence in both these arenas. The concept of ‘excellence’ in teaching has been both critiqued and explored in recent years (HEA 2014, 2015), but there is growing movement towards evaluating and accrediting university teaching.

Evidencing our performance in teaching and learning will be an important dimension of demonstrating the Scientia Educational Experience, but there is debate about the worth of student evaluations, and a danger that focusing on ‘metrics’ could devalue aspects of great teaching and learning that are difficult to quantify.




 Associate Professor David Blaazer
 Associate Dean (Education), UNSW Canberra





merlin crossley_big.jpg


 Prof Merlin Crossley
 DVC (Education)



Justine Rogers.jpeg



 Dr Justine Rogers
 Lecturer, UNSW Law



Alicia photo edit.jpg


Alicia D'Arcy
3rd year Arts/Law student,
UNSW Debating Society






 Prof Eileen Baldry
 Professor of Criminology and
 Academic Chair, UNSW Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Board



Martin Bliemel.png


Dr Martin Bliemel
Senior Lecturer, UNSW Business School



tash edit.jpg



Tashinga Musingarabwe
2nd year Arts/Law student,
UNSW Debating Society



The debate will conclude at 2pm and attendees are invited to stay until 2.30pm for an informal discussion.

Land & Gordon, 2015, Teaching excellence initiatives: modalities and operational factors

Gunn & Fisk, 2014, Considering teaching excellence in higher education: 2007-2013 


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Staff & Students Only Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
200 Seats available


The Galleries, John Niland Scientia

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Christina Kingen