Guidelines on Learning: Review Template

To help you apply the Guidelines on Learning in your teaching, the below template poses 7 questions for you to record your thoughts or discussion:

  1. How is this guideline relevant to my discipline?
  2. Do we currently employ any teaching exercises or strategies that acknowledge or support the guideline?
  3. What might we do to incorporate the guideline, or better incorporate it, into our teaching strategies? (The Ideas section of the guideline's page may be helpful in answering this question.)
  4. Do any constraints hinder or prevent us applying this guideline? Can they be addressed? If so, how?
  5. What resources are available to us to apply this guideline?
  6. Do any staff development opportunities suggest themselves in relation to this guideline?
  7. What instructions or other course material could we give students as part of implementing this guideline?

You can use the template to plan or review your class, course or program for compliance with the guidelines or to reflect on your teaching in general. You can review a class or course for guidelines implementation by yourself or with colleagues. Course conveners might want to meet with course teachers and conduct reviews as a team. You may also find it fruitful to ask for your students' opinions on implementation as this can greatly increase their engagement.


We recommend you use a new copy of this template for each guideline you implement.