11th Feb 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Lessons Learned: Trialling the Flipped Classroom Approach in a UNSW Business Course

Presenters: Jill Moore and Chona Ryan, UNSW Business School

Flipped Classroom CoP Convenor:  Kar Ming Chong

Fresh from their experience of creating an ‘Active Learning Environment' in a recent summer school course, two members of our CoP (Chona Ryan and Jill Moore) from the School of Information Systems, UNSW Business School will share their flipped classroom experiences.  This will be a 40 minute informal and interactive session.  There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions, clarify thoughts and/or to provide feedback to the presenters.   During the last part of the meeting the Moodle CoP course will be unveiled and a program for the Semester will be discussed.  Current and new members of this Flipped Classroom Community of Practice are welcome.

A flipped approach can be defined as “a teaching strategy in which students engage individually with activities and resources prior to class, to prepare for interactive learning in the classroom. The objective is to give timely feedback on learning by maximising interaction in face-to-face class time, providing a more engaging and personalised learning experience for students”. 

Given the recent focus on flipped classroom at UNSW, it is timely to discover (1) what each other is doing in this area; (2) to share good practice and (3) to discuss pedagogical (e.g., how to motivate students to undertake weekly tasks) and administrative challenges (e.g. work-load for out-of-classroom hours).


Event Details
Staff Only Event open only to UNSW Staff
30 Seats available


Library Room 208

Key Contact
Justine O'Sullivan