Associate Professor Marina Harvey, Academic Mentor, Arts & Social Sciences

Marina Harvey

Associate Professor Marina Harvey is the Director, Academic Development Services, UNSW. She is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Australian National Teaching Fellow and has also received national and university citations for outstanding contributions to student learning. Her scholarship in learning and teaching in Higher Education extends to a growing list of over 80 learning and teaching publications. 

Marina has been recognised as a national expert on sessional staff, leading the development of the national standards. Her work in enhancing quality learning and teaching is underpinned by, and focuses on, reflection for learning. Other scholarly interests include distributed leadership and mentoring for learning and teaching in higher education, all of which are examined through Participatory Action Research. 

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Research Page

Mentoring for

Learning and Teaching

  • student learning 
  • learning and teaching curriculum design 
  • assessment and feedback 
  • feedback on course structure for teaching units 
  • convening a course 
  • integrating technologies into learning and teaching 
  • general teaching methods

Awards and Grants

  • development of an application for a faculty learning and teaching award 
  • development of an application for a university learning and teaching grant


  • feedback on a journal article 
  • feedback on a conference paper 
  • conducting interviews and focus groups

Career and Professional

  • supporting critical reflection through listening and asking questions

Conditions for mentoring facilitation

  • one-on-one mentoring
  • group mentoring
  • 1-2 mentees at any stage

Academic level of potential mentees

Any level


Willing to mentor within my discipline and/or across disciplines.