Blackboard Collaborate Classroom for Moodle (Moderators)


Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual classroom system that allows for complex online interaction. Sessions can be large open group presentations that can easily break into smaller groups for discussion and group work. Collaborate has been incorporated into the Moodle learning management system.

For instructions for participants, go to the participants' page.

The moderator can control the flow of the lesson and automate common tasks using the desktop tool Plan! to help the lesson run smoothly.

Collaborate sessions can be recorded and archived for later viewing/listening. Using Publish!, you can convert any recorded session into a number of different file types for offline viewing and/or distribution.

The Blackboard Collaborate mobile collaboration app enables you to access Collaborate sessions using your iOS/Android device.

We are piloting the next version, Collaborate Ultra, in S1 2016. This version provides an improved interface & simpler connectivity. View Blackboard Collaborate Ultra resources.

Note the following regularly scheduled Collaborate system maintenance windows.

  • Thurs 2am–6am GMT −4
  • Sat 10pm–Sun 6am GMT −4

Depending on Daylight Saving Time changes, these times will convert to Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time differently throughout the year. To prevent your sessions being affected, we suggest you avoid scheduling them during the following times:

  • Thurs 4pm–10pm AEST/AEDT
  • Sun 12 noon–10pm AEST/AEDT




Getting started

Is your system ready to use Collaborate?

  • Check the Collaborate System Requirements
  • Prior to your session test your configuration and download the Collaborate Launcher.
    • click this link to launch the v12.6 Configuration Room
    • on Mac OS:
      • on the Downloading Session screen, click the download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher link (a meeting.collab file will downloaded to your computer)
      • choose Mac from the dropdown and click Download
      • after the Launcher has downloaded, launch the session by double clicking the meeting.collab file
    • on Windows:
      • choose Windows from the dropdown and click Download
      • install the Launcher by running the downloaded file and following the prompts
      • back in the browser, click the Join link to launch the session and follow the prompts
    • once in the session run the Audio Setup Wizard (under Tools > Audio)

The following Blackboard Collaborate resources will help you set up and run a session:

Using the Blackboard Collaborate mobile collaboration app, students can now join virtual sessions using a mobile device.  Note that joining a session as a moderator is not supported at this time.


Step by step instructions

To create a Blackboard Collaborate Classroom activity:

  1. On the course home page, click Turn editing on.
  2. In the appropriate topic or week section, click Add an activity or resource. In the resulting pop-up, select Blackboard Collaborate Session from the list and click Add.

  3. On the Adding a new Blackboard Collaborate page:
    • Complete the Basic Session Details section, clicking the Help button if you need assistance.
    • Expand and complete any other relevant sections of the page:
      • Under Restrict access, the access times may be particularly important.
      • The Schedule, Session Attributes and Session Grading sections are also likely to be relevant.
    • Click Save and return to course.

  4. On the course home page, click the link for the new Blackboard Collaborate session.

  5. On the session page:
    1. Copy and distribute the Guest link for any users who do not have access to UNSW Moodle.
    2. Click Join Session. Blackboard Collaborate launches in a new window.

  1. It is also a good idea to remind users of your session in an email, or using a Moodle announcement in the News forum. (Note that, depending on how you have set up the session, you may not be able to enter the session until 15 minutes before the formal start time.) In your email/announcement, include:

Now that your Collaborate session is set up in Moodle you will need to prepare to deliver and facilitate your sessions. The Teaching Gateway has some tips to assist you.

Additional information