Course Types and How to Request a Moodle Course

You can set up 4 types of courses in Moodle:

  • a teaching course
  • a self-enrolment course, or
  • a sandpit course, or
  • a guest access course.

This page describes each type, how to request it and how to add users.

Teaching course

A teaching course is an online space where you can provide activities and resources for students who are officially enrolled in your UNSW courses.

To obtain the teaching instance of your course, ask the TELT Administrator in your faculty or school to create it in myUNSW and release it to you, using the instructions on the page Create a Moodle Teaching Instance and Release it to Instructors.

Teaching courses will be available for staff and academics approximately 2 months before Orientation Week.

Self-enrolment course

In certain cases you may require a course in Moodle for non-award or non-teaching activities. Such courses are usually set up as self-enrolment courses.

As the name suggests, users enrol themselves in these courses by entering a password (an 'enrolment key') upon receiving the course URL from you.

Typically you would specify two enrolment keys, one for the instructor and one for the students. For self-enrolment courses, an instructor is a user who can edit the course and add activities or resources. A student is a user who can participate in the course and access the course activities and resources.

You should only use a self-enrolment course when you don't need to track staff or students' grades or course completion. If your course requires grades/course completion to be recorded, but is not a teaching course, please contact us at

You can request a self-enrolment course or request self-enrolment keys to an existing course by completing the online Moodle Self Enrolment Course Request form. Requests will be processed within 48 business hours.

For instructions on how to access a self-enrolment course using self-enrolment keys see Enroling in a self-enrolment course.

Sandpit course

A sandpit course is a course that you can set up to:

  • add activities or resources to test and practise with
  • build a course before your teaching instance has been set up.

To request a sandpit course:

  1. Log into Moodle.

    Course Types&Request a Course 1.1.png
  2. In the Navigation block, click Sandpit Request Form.

    Course Types&Request a Course 1.2.png
  3. Complete the form. Remember to select yourself as an instructor in the Select staff portion of the form.  You can also select other users to add to this course (ensure you choose the proper role from the User Role dropdown before adding the user).

    Course Types&Request a Course 1.3.png
  4. Click Submit.

    Course Types&Request a Course 1.4.png

Your request should be processed within 48 hours.

If you need to add users to your sandpit at a later date please send a request to the IT Service Centre.  If you require users to be added on an ongoing basis please request self enrolment keys by completing the Moodle Self Enrolment Course Request form.

Guest Course Access

Guest access can now be enabled within Moodle Self-enrolment courses

Enabling guest access allows users external to UNSW to view your course materials within Moodle. These users will access content anonymously but will not be able to participate in activities that require an identity within Moodle. For example: Assignment submissions.

Guest access for courses require approval from the Head of Organisational Unit.
You can request guest access to be added to new or existing courses by completing the online Moodle Guest Access Course Request form. Requests will be processed within 48 business hours.