Export Grades from Moodle Gradebook


This page contains instructions to help you export a Gradebook report, download the grades or responses for a single quiz, enter grades in a downloaded spreadsheet and re-import grades into the Gradebook



Step by step instructions

Export a Gradebook report

To avoid syntax errors during the export–import process, ensure that each activity has had a column created for it in the Gradebook before you export marks, edit and reimport them.

To export the User Report from the Gradebook:

  1. Within your Moodle course, in the Settings block, click Grades.

  2. In the Gradebook, in the Settings block, under Grade administration, click Export, and select the format in which you want the Gradebook exported.

  3. On the Export page, make the appropriate selections for this export operation. This will mean selecting:
    • Grade items to be included
    • which participants to include (if you have set up groups)
    • whether to Include feedback in export
    • whether to include students in the export whose enrolment has not been suspended (Require active enrolment)
    • Grade export display type
    • Grade export decimal points
    • When you have made your selections, click Download.

      Choose export options

  1. If asked, click open or save the downloaded file.

Download the grades or responses for a single quiz

To download a single quiz's grades or student responses:

  1. On the course home page, click the quiz's link.

    Export Grades from Moodle 1.4.png
  2. In the Settings block, select Results Grades or  Results > Responses, depending on what you want to download.

    Export Grades from Moodle 1.4.png
  3. From the drop down menu and checkboxes choose the options that meets your requirements.

    Export Grades from Moodle 1.4.png
  4. Select a file type from the dropdown menu and click Download.

    Export Grades from Moodle 1.4.png
  5. If necessary, click Open or Save as desired, and click OK.

    Export Grades from Moodle 1.4.png

Enter grades in a downloaded spreadsheet

  1. Open the saved Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Enter the grades in the appropriate columns. Note:
    • Do not change any existing column names.
    • You can add new columns for offline activities, and enter grades in them.
  3. Save the file as a Comma Separated Values (comma delimited, .csv) file.

Re-import grades into the Gradebook

Click here for instructions on how to import/upload grades.

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