Hide Grades from Students in Moodle


This page shows you how to hide the marks from student view for an entire category, for an individual grade item or course total.

Course total is set as hidden by default. This ensures that students do not see their grade until the instructor has finalised the grades and decided to release them. Unlike a Grade item or Grade category, Course total cannot be set to unhide at a specified time (Hidden until), it must be manually shown by the instructor.

The visibility of grades for quizzes and Turnitin assignments is controlled using those tools' activity settings, rather than the Gradebook.

Assignment grades can be rendered invisible to students in several ways other than through the Gradebook:

  • You can set marking workflow status to anything other than Released.
  • Access restrictions (dates, groups, completion or grades on other tasks) can be placed on the assignment and course home page section.
  • Visibility can be controlled on the assignment and course home page section.



Step by step instructions

Grade items are usually visible when you first set them up.

To hide category or item marks:

  1. Navigate to the Gradebook: in the Settings block, under Course Administration, click Grades
    Navigate to gradebook
  2. Click Setup and display the view for Categories and Gradebook setup.
    Categories and items
  3. Click Edit for the item or category
    • To hide a category or item until further notice, click it's Hide icon  . The change takes effect immediately. To unhide, click Edit agian and click it's Show icon.
    • To hide it until a certain date, click the Edit Settings icon for the category or item and continue to the next step.
  4. On the Grade category or Grade item page, select the Hidden check box and click Show more.
  5. To specify when the grade will become visible, select Enable to the right of the date fields, and
  6. Select a day, a month, a year, an hour and a minute.
    Hidden until
  7. Click Save changes.
    Save Changes


Additional information