Hide an Activity or a Resource from Students in Moodle


Sometimes you need to keep an activity or resource hidden from students. The course may be available, but the activity or resource may not be complete, or may require revision, or you may wish to only make it available to students at a certain time.

This page presents step by step instructions for hiding an activity or resource from student view within an available course.



Step by step instructions

  1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of the page .
  2. Next to the activity or resource, click the Hide icon. The Show icon displays .

  3. To view the page as a student will see it, in the Settings block click Switch role to and select Student.

  4. To return to your normal view, in the Settings block click Return to my normal role.

  5. To redisplay the activity or resource to students, turn editing on and click the Show icon for the activity. The Hide icon redisplays .

Additional information