Moodle Mobile

Staff and students can now download and instal the Moodle Mobile app on their Android (Google Play Store) or iOS (App Store) devices to access their UNSW Moodle courses.

The app allows users to visit their Moodle courses, view resources and interact with activities.

Note: While the app provides a good experience across the majority of UNSW Moodle, but there are some things to be aware of:

  1. The first time you login to the app you will be required to enter the site address,, and your zID and password.
  2. The Moodle app is not able to display the UNSW Moodle theme, though we are working towards this in the future. This means it will look different on your mobile device via the app, than it does via a web browser.
  3. The Moodle app can provide you with access to most tools and resources, but it does not give access to customisations or plugin services. If you try to access one of these services via the app you will be asked to login via a web browser.