Navigation in Moodle


This page provides tips and information about moving around in UNSW Moodle 3.3.



Step by step instructions

General navigation tips

The My home pagemovement between courses

When you log in to Moodle, the My home page offers you a list of all your courses. You don't always have to return to this page to move from course to course, though. You can jump from course to course using the Navigation block within any course, or the Courses (My courses) block if it is installed.

The course home pagemovement within courses

When you click a Moodle course name, the course home page displays. This page is a key element in how you present your course to your students, whether all at once or topic by topic. Once you and your students are accustomed to the course, you may prefer to use the Navigation block or a Course Menu block to move around within the course. This saves you having to return to the course home page to move, for example, from one topic to another.

Moving around

Don't use your browser's Back and Forward buttons when moving around in Moodle. Use the Navigation block to move between and within your courses. This way you will always see the latest version of a page—such as a forum with all posts.

Don't forget to save
When you're changing content in Moodle, be careful to update, save or post any changes you make to any page before you move on to another page. Your work may be lost if you don't save it.

The Navigation block

The Navigation block is one of 2 standard blocks that display on every Moodle course page (the other is the Settings block).

Using the Navigation block you can access:

  • My home—a personalised home page displaying links to your courses, with information about recent activity in each course, e.g. unread forum postsm, upcoming assignments
  • Site pages—site search tags, site calendar and site news links
  • My profile—this item links to your profile, forums posts, blogs and messages, private files and repositories
  • My courses—links to the front pages of all your courses. Click the arrow next to a course's shortname to see a list of all sections of the course. You can navigate to a specific section, resource or activity.
Note that if you dock the Navigation block, it will no longer be immediately obvious when menu options become available or change, as a result of your moving to a page or performing an action. Also, some operations, such as downloading grades from the Gradebook, can be quite difficult to perform in a docked block.


As you move deeper into a course, your route is tracked by the breadcrumbs at the top of the page just below the tabs. Blue text indicates a link that you can link to return to a previous page.

To move between courses, you can click the My home breadcrumb and choose a course from the Course overview list, or you can go to the Navigation block and click My courses > [name of the course].

The Courses block

If you want to, you can add the Courses block to a course, so that your courses are always listed on the left of the course page:

The Course menu block

Add the Course menu block to a course to aid you and your students' movement within the course. Here is a sample course menu.

For more specific movement, e.g. to a resource or activity within a topic, use the My courses link in the Navigation block.

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