Survey Administrators

myExperience Data Preparation Training Guide 

This page supports Experience Survey Administrators to complete their data preparation. Please follow the steps below to complete data preparation for all of your classes. Please remember to 'Publish' every class or your surveys will not be released to students. If you have issues completing any of the steps, please email

Key things to note

Survey schedule
  • myExperience now operates to the myExperience survey schedule.
  • The schedule outlines the dates for the surveys on the different academic calendars.
  • myExperience data is configured to be the same as found in Term Planning/Class utilisation i.e. every class of the course is listed. 
  • Course questions are assigned to the EFTSL component of the course which is usually the lecture. You can see which surveys have course questions on the 'survey question status' column on the right hand side of Data Prep
  • There are now two Data Prep tasks - instructors, and course convenors.
    • Instructors - please add teachers who are to be surveyed against the relevant class. This instructor's name will appear to students. Instructors will be given access to add an additional question to their teaching survey.
    • Course convenors - Please add course convenors only to this task. They will be given access to the course report and will have the ability to add an additional question to the course questions. Their name will not appear to students.
myExperience Procedure
  • The Academic Board approved the myExperience Procedure in In December 2016.
  • The procedure outlines roles and responsibilities in the survey. It stipulates that all courses must now be surveyed every time they are offered.
  • There are some approved exceptions: internships, projects and placements.
  • We will contact you after Data Prep if there are any course surveys which need to be published.

Step-by-step guide

Step One - Accessing your Data Preparation Page

You’ll receive an auto-generated email advising you that the semester one Data Preparation is now live. Click the link to go to your page and log on.

Step Two – Choose the relevant project

There are two separate Data Preparation Tasks to complete for each survey round:

  1. myExperience Semester one project – Instructors – Please only add instructors into this task who wish to be surveyed.
  2. myExperience Semester one course convenor – This data is used to allow course convenors to add an additional question and for report viewing rights

Please make sure that you are in the correct task when updating information.

Step Three – Viewing and Surveying Classes (Instructors)

  1. On your Data Preparation page you will see a list of surveys you have access to edit. These are based on class-level data.
  2. Click on ‘Edit’ against one of the classes. A menu will drop down with a list of fields.
  3. Choose to evaluate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Step Four – Adding and Removing Teachers

  1. Click on ‘Instructors’. A drop down menu will display all of the teachers currently assigned to that class. Verify whether the teachers displayed are correctly assigned.
  2. To remove a teacher click on the cross in the top right hand corner of the box.
  3. To add a teacher:
    1. Click in the ‘Assign Instructors’ box – a pop-up with blank fields will appear.
    2. Start typing the name in the ‘Group member(s)’ field – a list of staff matching the search criteria will appear. To narrow the search results, select an additional field from the ‘Search other fields’ drop down menu (e.g. User ID), and enter the details. Top tip: please do not type both names in the top box (e.g. John Smith). It will not find the record. Instead, type ‘Smith’ and then search for the name John in the additional field box.
    3. Click the ‘link’ icon to assign the correct staff member.
    4. Staff details will auto-populate – amend the staff unique name if necessary.

  1. You can add a teacher to multiple classes using the ‘edit courses’ tool in the top left.
    1. Click the check box for all of the classes to which you want to add the teacher.
    2. Click ‘edit courses (dig)s’, then ‘Assign group members’, then select ‘Instructors’ from the dropdown.
    3. Follow the steps from (3) above to search for and select the correct teacher.
    4. Click the ‘+’ icon, then ‘Apply’, then ‘Yes’. The teacher will be assigned to all classes selected.
  2. You can also remove a teacher from multiple classes using the ‘edit courses’ tool.
    1. Click the check box for all of the classes from which you want to remove the teacher.
    2. Click ‘edit courses (dig)s’, then ‘Unassign group members’, then select ‘Instructors’ from the dropdown.
    3. In the ‘Group member(s)’ box, type the name or ID of the teacher.
    4. Click ‘Apply’, then ‘Yes’. The teacher will be removed from all classes selected.

Step Five – Filtering the Data

  1. If you only want to see a subset of your classes, enter class names or numbers in the ‘Search…’ box.
  2. To add additional criteria to your search: click ‘Add criteria’, then select a field from the drop down menu, then input the search criteria.

Step Six – Saving / Restoring Classes

  1. Once edits are complete, click ‘Save’. If you do not ‘Save’, your changes will be lost.
  2. If you ‘Save’ you can return to edit later.
  3. You can also ‘restore’ all classes to the original data by clicking on the ‘edit courses’ field in the top left hand side.
  4. Tick the box for all classes that you wish to ‘restore’.
  5. Click ‘confirm’

Step Seven – Publishing Classes

  1. You can publish all of your classes once you have completed and saved all of your data preparation.
  2. Click the check box at the top of the page to select all classes.
  3. Click ‘Publish courses (dig)s’, then ‘Yes’.
  4. Once the classes are ‘Published’ you can no longer edit.
  5. A survey will not be sent to student unless you publish the class. 

Step Eight – Exporting the Final Datasets

  1. Once your data preparation is complete, export the final datasets. You can then reference these after the DIG has closed.
    1. To read the instructor file, please note that the ‘Blue ID’ is the unique identifier for each individual survey. This can be found in column A.
    2. Column B is the instructor zID. If there are two teachers teaching into one course, the Blue ID will be duplicated on two rows.
  2. Click the blue square icon, and then click ‘Data Import/Export’.
  3. Click ‘Export’ next to each datasource to download a CSV file. Save this file to your drive.
  4. Do not use the ‘Import’ function as this may potentially erase all of your data therefore compromising any changes made by yourself or your colleagues.

Top tip: You can export your data set at the start of your data prep to use as a handy reference for any changes that you need to make.

Step Nine – Course Convenor Data Preparation Task

A separate project is used to collect Course convenor data. Please only assign course convenors to this task. Course convenors are able to add one additional question to the course question set and are able to see the course report.

  1. In your myExperience dashboard, open your Course convenor Data Preparation task
  2. Please add the course convenor to the relevant course. Top tip: unlike the instructor task, there is only one row of data per course. This may be a lecture or a studio, depending on the nature of the course. This data is then applied to all relevant components of the course after data prep closes.
  3. Adding a course convenor is the same process as adding an instructor. Please follow the steps above to add the relevant convenor(s). Top tip: Remember to save as you enter data, otherwise your data will be lost.
  4. Please ‘publish’ the course convenor data in order to confirm the course convenor.

Step Ten – myExperience team – course survey publish

  • As per the new procedure, all courses must be surveyed.
  • We encourage you to publish all surveys marked ‘course and teaching’. Top tip: you can publish a survey with no instructors.
  • At the end of Data Preparation, the myExperience team may contact you to check in about any course surveys not published or set to evaluate ‘no’.
  • This is scheduled for 1-2 May.
  • Some course surveys are already exempted. These include:
    • Internships
    • Special projects
    • Exchange programs

myExperience Data Preparation FAQs

If you have any queries or problems completing the steps above - please read through the FAQS  page - if these don't solve your problem, please contact the myExperince team: