myExperience for Teaching Staff

The information on this page is intended to assist course convenors and teaching staff with the myExperience survey - please also refer to the myExperience page for background and more details about the survey.

  • The myExperience procedure was approved by Academic Board on 6 December 2016. This procedure specifies the processes and responsibilities for the establishment and conduct of myExperience and the reporting of survey outcomes - please take some time to familiarise yourself with these. The procedure is available on the UNSW Governance website
  • A survey schedule is published for each teaching period. You can see the current schedule on the Survey Schedule page.
  • Instructions for conducting the survey in-class and a Guide to assist you is on the In-class Process page.
  • You can read the standard myExperience survey questions and details for adding an additional question on the Survey Questions page.
  • Details for the types of reports, how to access and interpret them on the Reports page.
  • Information on providing feedback to students on myExperience survey results on the Closing the Loop page.

Development of the myExperience Questions

There were some concerns across the academic community that the questions in the CATEI survey were too many and too complex. A Student Surveys Project Reference Group was set up in October 2015, who recommended a thorough review of the questions. This review included the following steps:

  • CATEI questions reviewed by: the Teaching Development Unit, within the PVC Education portfolio, the Student Surveys Project Reference Group (Divisional and Faculty representation), DVC Education and PVC Education.
  • External survey research consultancy engaged for feedback and recommendations.
  • Revised course question set used in myExperience ‘proof of concept’ phase in S1, 2016.
  • Principal Component Analysis of the myExperience proof of concept questions and the CATEI questions performed by UNSW School of Psychology.
  • University Academic Quality Committee consulted for feedback.
  • Core question set approved by DVC Education and PVC Education for the October roll out of the myExperience survey.

The current myExperience question set allows us to measure performance against the four pillars of the Scientia Educational Experience: learning communities, feedback and dialogue, being digital, and inspired learning through inspiring teaching.

The questions ‘overall I was satisfied with the quality of this course/of the teaching’ are retained from CATEI in the myExperience survey – this allows longitudinal comparisons over the two surveys to be conducted.

myExperience Survey Design

Unlike CATEI, there are no separate forms A, B, C and D in myExperience. Students will generally receive just one survey for each class they are enrolled in. If there are multiple teachers within a class they will be identified separately within the survey. myExperience identifies each teacher within the survey by distinguishing them by name. We hope to include teacher photographs against each name for the next phase.

myExperience retains the six-point agreement scale used in CATEI, but the scale has been flipped so that least favourable responses are on the left, and most favourable on the right, i.e.

Strongly Disagree – Disagree – Moderately Disagree – Moderately Agree – Agree – Strongly Agree

Using this scale means that when option values (1-6) are used to calculate a mean score, a low mean is a less favourable response, and a high mean is more favourable. It also allows mapping to the national QILT surveys which use this scale.