NSW/ACT Promoting Excellence Network

Benchmarking exercise: Teaching award support processes in NSW and ACT universities

The NSW/ACT Promoting Excellence Network (PEN) is an OLT-funded network of academic development and support staff from participating universities across NSW and the ACT. Over the funding period 2011-13, it set itself a number of goals relating to the consolidation of the network and its effectiveness for members and other stakeholders; the cultivation of network members’ leadership capacities and roles within and beyond their institutions; and the development of resources that support the recognition and reward of quality teaching.

These objectives were met partly through a benchmarking project which focussed on teaching award support processes at participating institutions. Using a benchmarking template adapted from CADAD (the Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development) to carry out self and peer assessment, network members investigated their own institutional award support processes and then met with partner institutions to compare the results. The benchmarking process yielded both areas for review and improvement at network members' own universities, and a collection of best practice exemplars for supporting the teaching award process.

Resources associated with this exercise, including the documents used to carry out the benchmarking and the collection of best practice exemplars, are available below, for use by academic development units beyond the network (with acknowledgement where appropriate).


List of NSW/ACT PEN member institutions:

Australian Catholic University
Australian National University
University of Canberra
Charles Sturt University
Macquarie University
University of Newcastle
University of New England
University of New South Wales
University of Notre Dame
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Western Sydney
University of Wollongong



Coralie McCormack (Network Chair, University of Canberra): Coralie.McCormack@canberra.edu.au
Katja Benninghaus (Institutional Contact Officer, University of New South Wales): katjab@unsw.edu.au


Preparing for benchmarking

Review of literature on teaching awards: PDF
Statement of agreed guidelines for collaborative benchmarking: PDF
Description of benchmarking process: PDF

Benchmarking templates

Institutional teaching award template: DOC
Partner comparative matrix: DOC
Partner action plan: DOC


Teaching award support: Best practice exemplars from the NSW/ACT Promoting Excellence Network: PDF