7th Jun 2016, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Participatory Design of a Learning Space and Learning Analytics

Facilitated by Dr Simon Knight and Dr Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson (Connected Intelligence Centre, UTS)

There have been recent calls for a move ‘beyond the LMS’, incorporating ‘open learning analytics’ from a range of sources. This talk reports on ongoing work investigating this challenge. At the University of Technology Connected Intelligence Centre (UTS:CIC) we are currently investigating a participatory value sensitive design approach in our Masters of Data Science and Innovation (MDSI) to develop a Wordpress-multisite environment. The environment will be used to supplement traditional LMS features, extending community building and interaction (e.g., within the students, and incorporating external industry partners), and investigating the kinds of engagement and data students want built into their learning-design. Our approach orients to questions around ‘human data interaction’, with a focus on analytics as activity oriented, accountable across stakeholders, and (inter)active or participatory (the ‘3As approach’).

LA-EDS Simon-Knight.pngSimon Knight is a Research Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney's Connected Intelligence Centre (UTS:CIC), with a primary focus on 'writing practices'. He completed his PhD in learning analytics at The Open University, UK in the Knowledge Media Institute. A core focus of his research has been the relationship between technologies, especially search engines, and both educational-assessment, and student’s evaluations of information. A key element of this interest is the exploration of student dialogue to share and co-construct knowledge in information seeking tasks.  Simon is a qualified teacher, and holds Masters in the Philosophy of Education from the UCL Institute of Education and in Educational Research Methods from Cambridge University.

LA-EDS Theresa Anderson.jpgDr Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson is Course Coordinator for the Master of Data Science & Innovation (MDSI) in UTS:CIC. She has been recognised for both her scholarship and her innovative approach to teaching in Australia and internationally. Her research explores the relationship between people and emerging technologies, focusing on human decision processes and the relationship between risk, uncertainty and creativity. As an information ethicist, she explores the interaction between creative and analytic thinking and doing and in examining ways information systems and institutional policies might better support both creative and analytic activities. Out of this interest emerged a poetic and photographic practice and series of installations (Playing with Pauses) based on her ongoing ethnographic and anthropological engagement with the question: where do ideas come from?  As MDSI Course Coordinator, Theresa strives to help students tackle big data challenges within a human-centred data science program, where students are encouraged to develop a critical mind that thinks ethically and systemically about the uses of data and analytics and embrace the uncertainties (both present and emerging) that working with massive data sets entails.

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