4th Nov 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Personalised learning – using web based diagnostic tests and linked software to enhance the student learning experience

Presented by: Dr Tim Moors (School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications) and Thomas Molloy (Faculty of Law)

This session will showcase the way that two faculties have used innovative technology to deliver highly personalised learning and enhance the overall learning experience. Two different approaches, using web based diagnostic tests to tailor course content to the pre-requisite knowledge and ability of students will be discussed.

Dr Tim Moors (School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications) will discuss how online resources can help Masters by coursework students develop the background knowledge that they need in order to take full advantage of face-to-face courses.  As part of the ‘StudyBuddy’ project, students were offered a background diagnostic test, and software analysis of test results provided students with personalised web pages that linked to online resources to help them learn more about topics that they needed to strengthen.  The set of resources was compiled by mapping the topics covered by videos from MOOCs, and as such resources become increasingly available from varied sources we hope to be able to tailor our recommendations to align the teaching approach of a resource with student learning preferences.

Thomas Molloy (Faculty of Law) will discuss how innovative technological solutions have been used in the Legal Research and Writing Masters course to build legal research and writing skills in students. Students complete a web based diagnostic test that assesses their pre-requisite knowledge and English speaking and writing ability and then directs them to relevant modules within the course. Completing self- contained modules online provides for additional class time for practical learning and teachers are able to use the diagnostic data to tailor their classes.

Please come along if you are interested in hearing about these initiatives, or would like to share your own experiences.

To register, send a mail to ltevents@unsw.edu.au with the subject line: Registration - Personalised learning. 

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Library - Level 10, LTU Area, Room 1023

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