The power of online media for live and interactive learning: hear from an OLT Award winner

Presenter: Dr Chris Tisdell, Associate Dean (Education), Science
The power of online media for live and interactive learning: hear from an OLT Award winner

Dr Chris Tisdell, Associate Dean (Education) in Science, is driven by a desire to ensure that anyone, anywhere, at any time, has equal access to the mathematical skills that are critical for careers in science. His pioneering work in online media was recognised by the OLT in his 2014 Award for Teaching Excellence. He was the first Australian educator to embed Google Hangouts into his teaching practice in 2012, enabling live and interactive learning from mobile devices. He has collaborated with industry and policy makers, championed maths education in the media and constantly draws on the feedback of his students worldwide to advance his teaching practice.

Chris will demonstrate some of his methods, and talk about collecting and presenting evidence of his teaching achievements. This will be of interest to anyone who would like to improve their teaching outcomes, try for a teaching award or collect evidence for promotion.

The OLT says:

Dr Chris Tisdell … has inspired millions of learners through his passion for mathematics and his innovative online approach to maths education. He has created more than 500 free YouTube university level maths videos since 2008, which have attracted over 3.6 million downloads. This has made his virtual classroom the top ranked learning and teaching website across Australian universities on the education hub YouTubeEDU. His free online e-textbook, Engineering Mathematics: YouTube Workbook, is one of the most popular mathematical books of all time, with more than 900,000 downloads in over 200 countries.

For more information, see Chris's YouTube channel:

22nd Apr 2015, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Library Room 209

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff
Learning and Teaching Unit