Professional Opportunities

Awards, grants and fellowships

UNSW celebrate and recognise the contributions of staff to the student learning experience and the scholarship of teaching and learning through a range of awards, grants and fellowships. The process and acknowledgment are important ways to promote and support the enhancement of learning and teaching at UNSW and across the higher education sector.

All UNSW staff (academic, professional and technical) can apply for a variety of internal and external learning and teaching awards, grants and fellowships. You may wish to apply as an individual, or as a disciplinary or cross-disciplinary team.

Receiving an award, grant or fellowship contributes towards your career. Preparing for and developing an application for an award, grant or fellowship allows the space for you to reflect on the principles and scholarship that underpin your teaching practice, and contributes to the ongoing development of your practice.

"You suggested to me when I began this ALTC citation application process that there would be real value in the journey - and this has proven to be true."- Citation applicant, 2011

"The application process has allowed me to synthesise my teaching reflections - and consider what I hope is my unique contribution in the classroom... but to then have it reinforced, from a number of students now, that what I'm doing in the classroom has a meaningful impact in their careers has been genuinely rewarding."- Citation applicant, 2011

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