8th Dec 2015, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

'Research Forward': Exploring practical uses of analytics @ UNSW

Facilitated by Lorenzo Vigentini (Learning and Teaching Unit, UNSW)

After a semester of talks with significant interest from stakeholders, the final session of the year is an interactive mini-workshop. Our specific aim for 2016 is to hold a series of practical meetings to explore issues, applications, methods and analytical techniques that are of particular interest to participants.

Our key objective is to bring together existing UNSW expertise from various different disciplines and roles to collaboratively analyse institutional datasets. To advance this process, we invite all ideas and/or research questions around four broad areas:

• questions asked by academics

• questions asked by course designers/developers

• questions asked by academic managers/services

• questions asked by students

Research and dissemination are at the heart of the initiative. Building enduring collaborations and developing multidisciplinary research informing our practice at UNSW and beyond is our ultimate aim. The LA-EDS group will scaffold the emergent communities and organise opportunities to resolve these questions over time and report back to the University as well as the wider sector.

The LA-EDS group will provide starting points for discussion, including real datasets for participants to consider and explore. Please note that you do not need to be a data analyst or be able to code in order to participate.


If you would like to join this research group or would like more information please contact Lorenzo Vigentini l.vigentini@unsw.edu.au

Event Details
Staff & Students Only Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
40 Seats available


Mathews Building, Room 306.

Key Contact
Lorenzo Vigentini