19th Jul 2016, 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Research opportunities and grants: creating interest groups

Facilitated by Dr Mark King and Dr Lorenzo Vigentini, PVC (Education) Portfolio, UNSW

This session has two purposes: 1) get people who are interested in analytics together to talk about their projects and needs, and 2) identify possible interest groups to coordinate support and focus on funding opportunities and outputs.
Over the past 12 months, the LA-EDS seminar series has showcased some of the internal research supported by the Data Analysis, Research and Evaluation team as well as external guest speakers. The internal work focused mainly on the student experience (across face to face and digital contexts) and learners’ engagement in MOOCs.
These areas could be the starting point for two ‘streams’:
a) all those interested in MOOC research (including all academic leads and those who supported the development of MOOCs),
b) all those interested in the student experience and student engagement, which includes how to measure the Scientia Educational Experience and the concept of interactivity in face-to-face, blended and online learning.
However, we would like to encourage others to highlight their interests and connect with others. Participants will be given time to present their ideas (please get in touch with Lorenzo beforehand). If you have new research ideas, this would also be a good opportunity to pitch it to the group and seek feedback and support.
Forming groups around particular interest areas will be beneficial to get help and support, as well as to extend collaborations across interested individuals: ultimately this will provide a network to bid for internal and external funding.

Mark_King.jpgMark is the Director (Acting) of Educational Services Delivery within the portfolio of the PVC (Education). Trained as a psychologist and cognitive ethnographer, Mark works in the areas of human cognition and learning within distributed cognitive systems, and is developing an eye-tracking methodology for investigating the co-synchronization of language behaviour and visual perception between persons in learning events. During previous appointments at The University of Hong Kong and the University of Melbourne, respectively, Mark pioneered a learning design model that is now core to the Integrated Curriculum Framework at UNSW. 

lorenzo.vigentini.jpgLorenzo's is the coordinator of the Learning Analytics and Data Analysis team in the PVC (Education) Portfolio. Although his background is in Psychology he has extensive experience in Learning and Teaching and Academic Development in the Higher Education sector. His technical expertise (IT, e-learning, web technologies and data science) and his work focusing on learning processes at the crossing between cognitive psychology, differential psychology, education and human-computer interaction, provided a unique perspective that underpins the many projects he has led in recent years.

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If you would like to join this research group or would like more information please contact Lorenzo Vigentini l.vigentini@unsw.edu.au



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