Social Networking

An Inspired Learning Initiative

UNSW is looking at implementing a socially driven student portal that integrates a wide range of functions and services into one interface.  It provides the social element missing from the LMS and myUNSW and pomotes an integrated student experience that breaks down the walls between institutational siloed services.

The interface looks like a cross between Facebook and Yammer so it's a very familiar, easy to navigate social space with a notification feed and menus on the side.  

This product could help UNSW to develop a strong sense of community within the student body and between students and staff.  This feeds into improved student retention and course progression, and also fucntions like a student CRM database.

The social networking project has outcomes including

  • Target posts to students based on various attributes
  • Pin important announcements and also include video, links, articles, or photos enabling more effective communication and support for students
  • Goes beyond one-way flow of communication
  • Provides polling to check-in and gather feedback from students
  • Enables tracking of student behaviour, flagging of at-risk students and capturing of student opinions and issues
  • Can invite alumni or industry based people to act as mentors for students
  • Students can be grouped by whole campus, subjects, study groups, mentor groups, clubs and societies, or custom groups to suit any requirement,
  • Integrates via LTI with Moodle into the forum activity


Watch this space for more information.