Stories from the Flipped Trenches

Facilitated by Dr Kar Ming Chong, Presented by Dr Luke Hunter, School of Chemistry
Stories from the Flipped Trenches

The CoP welcomes back Dr Luke Hunter from the School of Chemistry. He was one of the two presenters who kick started the CoP’s “Stories from the Flipped Trenches” series last year in April. Luke and his team had taken baby steps towards a flipped classroom in a first-year chemistry course. They ran a pilot project in 2015, where students had to complete weekly online “Lecture Prep” activities. Outcomes in terms of student engagement and student learning were presented.

Luke also promised to undertake some big and crazy ideas on where they wanted to go next. For his forthcoming presentation, Luke (and his team) will describe how they're now using the flipped classroom to address a devilishly tricky problem in chemistry education. The problem? In a traditional chemistry course, a student just needs to earn 50% overall to pass. But this doesn’t reflect what the student actually knows: they might pass on the strength of excellent results in one aspect of the syllabus, while understanding nothing about other aspects of the syllabus. This means we have to re-teach (and re-teach!) in higher years. How does a flipped classroom help to solve this problem? Come along and find out!

The “Stories from the Flipped Trenches” series will now have only one presentation per meeting (instead of two) to allow members more time for comments and questions, and for the presenters to describe their practices in more detail.

10th Aug 2017, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Library Seminar Room 209

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff
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