Stories from the Flipped Trenches

Facilitated by Dr Kar Ming Chong, Presented by Mrs Valerie Combe-Germes (School of Humanities and Languages)
Stories from the Flipped Trenches

In late 2016, ARTS1480 – Introductory French A was chosen to be part of the Course Design Tool Pilot run by the PVC(E). The pilot provided the course convenor, Mrs Valerie Combe-Germes (School of Humanities & Languages), with financial and professional design support to completely redesign the course.

This presentation will focus on the choices made to not only flip all lectures but also make them interactive, keeping in mind that it is a foreign language course meant to keep 150 students engaged while applying new vocabulary and grammar concepts. A varied range of online activities were given either as preparation for or consolidation of lecture contents, increasing exposure to the target language and providing more immediate and effective feedback (individual learning blog, group work using the Moodle wiki, weekly online quizzes, vocabulary games, etc.).

This has been a success story as the learning outcomes for the course improved dramatically and student satisfaction was high. We propose to discuss the features integral to the course success based on student feedback and the team effort necessary to achieve a complete makeover in about four months.

The “Stories from the Flipped Trenches” series will now have only one presentation per meeting (instead of two) to allow members more time for comments and questions, and for the presenters to describe their practices in more detail.

23rd Nov 2017, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Library Seminar Room 208.

Staff & Students Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
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