Stories from the Flipped Trenches- Flipped Classroom Community of Practice

Facilitated by Dr Kar Ming Chong, Presented by Marion Burford (School of Marketing) and Lynn Gribble (School of Management)

Stories from the Flipped Trenches- Flipped Classroom Community of Practice

Join the Flipped Classroom Community of Practice,  in this month's meeting:

Marion teaches in a postgraduate capstone course for the Master of Commerce. The course focuses on student-led discussions and presentations. Over the years it has evolved to accommodate more students and the need to evaluate students’ fulfilment of the Faculty’s graduate attributes. Marion (along with Sunghoon Kim) took over the course in 2016 and (1) introduced a Harvard business simulation; (2) made greater use of cases to facilitate discussions; and (3) moved from a traditional space to the PLACE (the Faculty’s new generation spaces). She will reflect on these new undertakings, especially the plusses and minuses of moving into the PLACE.

Lynn teaches in a core compulsory undergraduate course in the School of Management for the Bachelor of Commerce. She teaches this course in the summer sessions, with an average enrolment of 60 students per session. This allows her to develop what she calls a “user generated classroom” approach where students research and peer teach, and share notes, and to experiment in the PLACE. Lynn facilitated students to source quality information and apply it to their current situations and future careers. She will explore the challenges and early successes of such an approach, now in its third iteration.

Both presenters will also highlight the importance of the PLACE in facilitating their changes.


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22nd Nov 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Room 1025, Level 10, Library (stage 2, entrance near the IT service centre)

Staff Only: Event open only to UNSW Staff



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