15th Sep 2016, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Strategies for linking teaching and research: maximizing impact, demonstrating leadership

Presented by Dr. Arianne Rourke, Associate Professor (Faculty of Art and Design)

This presentation will showcase some tried and proven innovative strategies for maximizing impact and leadership as a researcher in higher education pedagogy. It will demonstrate how you can turn your teaching practice into high-level research and discuss how through both collaborative practice and individual efforts, this process can become both rewarding and sustainable. It will provide different approaches that can be used to measure impact in your teaching and discuss strategies that can be used to maximize the output of your research through an innovative approach to collaborative publishing.


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Dr Arianne Rourke

Arianne is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Art & Design, she is the faculty Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Stage 2). She has been an academic at UNSW since 1991 teaching across both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Arianne’s research program and outputs focus on exploring the thinking processes used by novices and experts to understand visual imagery to provide a theoretical premise for developing ‘Transformative Pedagogies in the Visual Domain’. This experimental research sparked a long-term interest in investigating how students learn via visual imagery, and how educators utilize visuals in teaching to improve students’ understanding.

Event Details
Staff Only Event open only to UNSW Staff
50 Seats available


Room 1025, Level 10, Library (back entrance near the IT service centre)

Key Contact
Christina Kingen