Personalised support for course and assessment redesign

Updated: 21 October 2020 

Would you benefit from support with redesigning your courses and assessments? support

Get in touch with our Educational Solutions Consultation team.

As we continue to deliver courses online and in blended modes, the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education & Student Experience (PVCESE) Portfolio is committed to providing educational support to teaching staff in transforming their educational practices to ensure the delivery of high-quality teaching and student satisfaction. 

The Educational Solutions Consultation Team is a collaboration between PVCESE Educational Developers and education support colleagues within the Faculties. 

Leveraging current educational technology tools and evidence-based practices, the team provides all teaching staff with the opportunity to have personalised individual or small group consultations and training with Faculty-based and Educational Delivery Service teams to redesign courses and assessments for online or blended delivery. Through our close collaboration with Faculties, we ensure consistency of recommendations that comply with Faculty/ School-specific guidelines. Each support request is reviewed and triaged to the most suitable team. Access this team's support through the 'Design for learning and teaching' link in the section below. 

Support available for you:

​​​​​(Please note priority will be given based on need and urgency of course deployment).

Note: For Smart Sparrow Lessons, PVCESE is also available for individual consultations if you require additional support beyond the general training workshops. For more information on the Smart Sparrow Transition Project and workshops, please visit the Smart Sparrow User Community Teams site. 

You can reach out anytime to request support. Please contact us via this form and the Educational Delivery Solutions team will aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

This support is aimed at providing pedagogical advice around designing courses and assessments for online delivery including recommendations on the most suitable technology tools and design of digital assessments specific to your course.

Additional remote teaching support

  • For technical support for services including theBox, Moodle, Echo 360, Turnitin and Collaborate Ultra please contact Educational Technology Services.
  • Virtual services including consultations and webinars are continuing here.
  • The Educational Technology Support team have designed a reusable Course Map template which can be used by academics to give an overview of their course.
    • The text fields are editable, so you can specify topics covered in lectures/ tutorials/ labs. You may also highlight the assessable components covered on weekly basis, and if preferred include the relevant percentage in the text fields.
    • There is no expectation to utilise this in every course, however a course map may help your students to plan ahead during remote learning.