Principles of Assessment

Here you will find an evolving collection of practical resources to help you with assessment.  The Premise throughout this Toolkit is that assessment should focus primarily on learning and the achievement of intended learning outcomes. This reflects the premise on which the UNSW Assessment Policy is based.  We invite you to engage with, and contribute to, this Assessment Toolkit.

Assessment should be embedded in all aspects of a course rather than being something that just happens at the end. More than any other aspect of the curriculum, well-designed assessment is the key to engaging students in active and productive learning. When you design assessment for a course of study, you're essentially designing what and how students will learn. What you decide to assess should be closely aligned with the stated learning outcomes for the course.

The UNSW Assessment Policy provides detailed guidance on assessment approaches and strategies at UNSW.

In the Assessment Toolkit you will find ideas, guidelines and practical strategies on all aspects of the assessment process.