This page outlines current known issues with TELT Systems, and recommended workarounds.

This page was last updated on 11 April 2017.

Students and staff often access TELT systems (such as the Moodle LMS) using links displaying within myUNSW.

When myUNSW is unavailable, this does not mean that TELT systems are unavailable. Users will be presented with a notice similar to the following:

Blogs, wikis and forums were not designed as educational tools, but they can be very useful in a teaching and learning context for supporting dialogue between students, providing a space for collaboration and chronicling student reflections. But which is most suitable to your needs, in your course?

To supplement our other communication channels, we would like to invite you to our monthly TELT webinars (formerly known as Coffee Drops).  The purpose of our webinars is to allow everyone the opportunity to engage with one another, share your experiences and discuss Moodle issues you may be dealing with.


Topics range from technical questions to educational design questions.  A sample of topics discussed so far include:

eLearning or (TELT) Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching is the suite of learning technologies and applications that support learning and teaching at UNSW. The TELT platform is gradually being developed and reviewed to assess its suitability for the learning and teaching needs of the University.

This page presents details of the Learning Management System (LMS) transition from Blackboard Learn to Moodle, and the Educational Media Services (EMS) transition projects for Lecture Recording (Lectopia to EchoSystem) and Educational Media (UNSWTV to Media Distribution System) that occurred in 2013-14.

Timeline for TELT transition projects 

This timeline shows the transition and migration phases, key dates and support available for the  Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) transition projects in 2013 and 2014.

You can use blocks to customise the look and functionality of your course home page. Think of them as shortcuts to critical parts of your course. 

Getting started  

There are several kinds of blocks in Moodle.

Submitting an expression of interest does not guarantee a place in a pilot program. Similarly, anyone who participates in a pilot program does so on the understanding that the application is under evaluation against the university evaluation framework for acceptance into the TELT platform.

We are currently preparing for our annual Moodle upgrade. This year we will be upgrading from the current version 2.9 to version 3.1.

In conjunction, the Moodle Direct v1 plugin for Turnitin will be upgraded to v2. This will bring a number of graphical user interface changes and Peermark.

The virtual medical classroom has come alive with the launch of Smart Sparrow, adaptive e-learning technology developed at UNSW that takes the patient - and the teacher - to the student.

Adaptive eLearning Platform