On this page you can find information about creating media collections in Moodle. A media collection is a tool that allows you to add image, audio and video galleries to your course, and also make possible a collection-as-activity, which students can contribute to and be assessed on.

Go to UNSW TV Production Unit websiteBring your teaching programs to life with web-ready video and animations that tell more than words alone can convey.

The UNSWTV media management portal has been placed in read-only mode and has been replaced by a new service called theBox.

Content Migration

Blended and/or online learning often involves the use of technology. Many teachers want to use technologies in their teaching but don’t know where to start. As a teacher you already have a sound knowledge of educational principles and an appreciation of the context in which teaching will take place. Therefore, you are well placed to recognise which particular technology will best achieve learning and teaching  goals. If you make an informed choice, learn how to use the technology and manage its use in class, you will find it much easier.

Educational media refers to multimodal resources designed to engage and assist students in the learning process. Students are also being encouraged to produce their own media projects to demonstrate their understanding of course concepts.