Moodle Training and Support

Pre-recorded lectures can benefit both staff and students. Teachers can use them to re-organise teaching time and rethink content delivery. Students can play back the lectures and work through the slides at their own pace, which is particularly useful in the case of complex courses.

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For details about the upgrade to Moodle see this Moodle Upgrade — Summary of Changes.
For known issues, please see our Known Issues page.



NOTE: This page outlines the program-level learning outcomes for Masters by Coursework Degree programs. The Learning and Teaching Unit are in the process of developing learning outcomes for other qualification levels.

eLearning or (TELT) Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching is the suite of technologies and applications that support learning and teaching at UNSW. This page provides information on the technologies you may use.

Submitting an expression of interest does not guarantee a place in a pilot program. Similarly, anyone who participates in a pilot program does so on the understanding that the application is under evaluation against the university evaluation framework for acceptance into the TELT platform.


We have completed our annual Moodle upgrade. This year we have upgraded from the version 3.1 to version 3.3.

Key features and improvements:

The UNSWTV media management portal has been placed in read-only mode and has been replaced by a new service called theBox.

Content Migration

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