The November, 2013 forum built upon the successful May forum by focusing on how blended learning strategies can be used to engage students and improve student learning.

This page helps you choose among various technologies (not just LMSs) using two approaches:

eLearning or (TELT) Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching is the suite of learning technologies and applications that support learning and teaching at UNSW. The TELT platform is gradually being developed and reviewed to assess its suitability for the learning and teaching needs of the University.

eLearning or (TELT) Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching at UNSW emphasises the benefits that educational technologies can bring to learning and teaching practice. No single educational technology will address all learning and teaching needs. Yet often institutions focus solely on one platform, usually a learning management system.

Teachers in universities are increasingly using online or blended course delivery, and UNSW teachers are no exception. Using online tools and Student-Centred Teaching you can create a vibrant student community that enriches your face-to-face teaching and streamlines the assessment process.