TELT Webinars

To supplement our other communication channels, we would like to invite you to our monthly TELT webinars (formerly known as Coffee Drops).  The purpose of our webinars is to allow everyone the opportunity to engage with one another, share your experiences and discuss Moodle issues you may be dealing with.


Topics range from technical questions to educational design questions.  A sample of topics discussed so far include:

  • Blackboard migration form and demo of how to use it
  • Sandpit creation

TELT Webinar Schedule 2016

2016 schedule to be announced

Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Classroom

We will be using Blackboard Collaborate to run the webinar.  The link is posted to our Staff eLearning Forum, which we have setup as an un-moderated forum on Moodle as a place for sharing tips with other Moodle users.  To gain access to the Staff eLearning Forum and launch the Blackboard Collaborate Classroom, you will need to:

  1. Email for the self enrolment key.  Wait for self enrolment key before proceeding.
  2. Click the link:
  3. Log into Moodle with your zID/zPass if you have not already done so.
  4. Enter the self enrolment key.
  5. Clickthe "TELT Webinar" in the Virtual Meetings using Bb Collaborate section.

Note: Prior to attending a TELT Webinar, you should test your system to ensure it can use Bb Collaborate.  You can review instructions on the Teaching Gateway here.