UNSW Scientia Educational Experience

Towards 2025

The Scientia Educational Experience

The distinctive UNSW Scientia Educational Experience will empower students to realise their potential through a personalised and flexible educational experience delivered within the context of being one of the world's most international and progressive universities.  UNSW will attract high-potential students from across the world into a diverse community of scholars, on campus at overseas locations and via digital platforms. The UNSW Scientia Educational Experience will blend the highest quality face-to-face teaching with digital education to inspire curiosity and innovation across a collegiate learning community of peers, academics, employers and alumni. As a global leader in the use of educational technology and by untilising our innovative approach to partnerships we will influence the model of higher education world-wide.

The UNSW Scientia Educational Experience aims to deliver:

  • A distinctive, innovative and globally relevant educational approach
  • Greater flexibility and impoved life-study balance through integration of physical and digital campuses and carefully planned development of a trimester academic calendar
  • Outstanding programs, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning, smart use of technology, global engagement and complementary career-focused themes
  • Graduates with attributes needed for success in the 21st century

For information regarding the various PVC Education Portfolio projects centred around the Scientia Educational Experience, please visit the Inspired Learning Initiative.

Scientia Education Experience Dimensions

The PVC Education Portfolio's strategic initiatives are built upon advancing excellence in teaching consistent with the principles of the Scientia Education Model: Communities, Feedback and Dialogue, Inspired Learning through Inspiring Teaching, and Being Digital.

Communities: Students and staff will have opportunities to belong to, and contribute to, communities of scholars, learners, global contact, industry and alumni 

Feedback and Dialogue: Students and staff will have opportunities to give feedback on their experiences and receive feedback on their performance and a responsibility to act on that feedback

Inspired learning through inspiring teaching:  Students will be inspired in their learning through thoughtful design of courses and programs aligned to graduate capabilities and teaching that integrates the affordances of new physical and virtual spaces

Being Digital: Students and staff will be digital in their interactions with each other, with content and information and in engaging with the global community