27th Apr 2017, 10:00am to 11:30am

Students as Partners - Walk beside me and be my student partner

Students as Partners at UNSW April Network Meeting

These regular meetings are for UNSW staff and students interested in Students as Partners at UNSW.

Presented by:

Dr May Lim, Senior Lecturer, Industrial Training and Taste of Research Coordinator, UNSW Chemical Engineering

Emma Daniels and Buddhi Ranasinghe, students of Dr. Lim

All UNSW engineering students must complete a minimum of 60 days of Industrial Training (IT) before they can graduate from their degree program. IT is a valuable experience for the student as it provides them with first-hand experience working as an engineering professional, and employer often assess students for future employment during their IT placement. Nonetheless, IT is also a daunting experience for many students due to their own inexperience and current state of the job market. We also have issues on  the institution side re compliancy with the Engineers Australia accreditation requirements, workplace regulation, UNSW insurance policy, and engagement with industry.  In this talk, May will explain what drove her to partner with student societies to improve the IT experience and career opportunities of Chemical Engineering students, and share some tools and tips on working closely with student, e.g. Why engage with student via Facebook Messenger?

May will share a few smaller examples of partnership with undergraduate students in teaching activities including:
(1) Student partners as demonstrators and tutors in a Year 3 laboratory course, with some anecdotal observations on how the class dynamic can be different from when a postgraduate teaching assistant or an academic taught the class. 
(2) Student partners as builders and testers of Moodle question bank in a blended learning project across three engineering school (chemical, civil and mechanical).
(3) Students partners in activities to enable or improve industry engagements. 


To RSVP for this meeting, please email pvce.events@unsw.edu.au 


Event Details
Staff & Students Only Event open only to UNSW Staff & Students
40 Seats available


Room 208, Ground Level, Library (main entrance)

Key Contact
Louise Templeton